Monday, March 20, 2006

Cabin 2006

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Everyone is back, and we have pictures already (courtesy of Sheng). The beach looks amazing in the winter.

I said I'd post a few pictures, and I tried to get them all to show up without having to click on links, but it turned out to be too much work. So click away!

Dancing Silhouettes

Sunset at the winter beach

Black River Falls

A Marine

The guy from RiverDance

3 comments: said...

Excellent! Excellent photos!

I recognize goofball, goofball, goofball...and goofball. But, I didn't know there was anyone in that group that could be described as "too cool".

I was very excited to see you had a celebrity in your group. We went to see Riverdance a couple years ago, and I remember seeing that dancer.
All the girls just swooned over his flair for haute couture. (A French phrase for "excellent artistry with the fashioning of garments" for those of you who don't know).

faveauntcarrie said...


Thanks for posting these photos. So good to see the cabin and the Lake. The goofballs? Wish I knew them. I'm sure they're great guys.


Aunt Carrie
PS. Tres, I so know what haute couture means! said...

The definition of haute couture was DEFINITELY aimed at the goofballs...especially that one with the U.P. interpretation of a Riverdance outfit!

O.K., and it was aimed at me,too. My hair is getting weirder by the inch and I have resorted to a strange, but comfortable assortment of clothes at work after weeks of various paint covered projects with 50 sixth graders.

Could this be the reason our principal gave us a "dress more professionally or die" speech at the last staff meeting?