Wednesday, January 04, 2006

On The Trail Again.

Mike, Claire and I are spending the week in Minnesota. Mike is busy with some serious interviewing, while Claire and I are laying low and having some fun. We're staying with Devon and Gina, and they really couldn't be more welcoming. Its been so nice staying at their house.

Yesterday Claire and I spent some time at the Community Center. They had a preschool open gym that was a lot of fun, and they have something called The Blast. You know those tube and slide setups they have at Chuckie Cheese? Well, thats what this is, but times 100. There are all kinds of different climbing things and bridges, and there are a couple space ships mounted on big springs you can climb to and play in. Its two stories high, and there are a few slides that go from top to bottom. Claire had a lot of fun, and as soon as Mike got home, she wanted to go back. All three of us had a great time crawling around. Today I think we'll check out the Mall of America, depending on when the interview finishes up.

The other cool things are Devon and Gina's two dogs, Ohmy (I don't know how to spell it, but thats how you say it: Oh-My, and yes, it is a fitting name for this dog) and Vinny. Claire and the dogs get along so well. They jump up on her and lick her face and she loves it. She gives them kisses, and they don't seem to mind. And they follow her everywhere. Yesterday, I put Claire down for her nap and a few minutes after she went down, both dogs were in her room, sitting by the pack'n'play just watching her sleep. I really wish I would have had my camera, it would have been a great picture.

So we're having a great time and the interviews are going well too. I also have some pictures to post, but I haven't quite figured out how to get online with my own computer, so I will have to post them later.

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