Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Bachelor in Paris

I have not watched any of this season yet, and honestly, I don't think I will. I've heard enough from other 'medical spouses' to completely turn me off. The bachelor is an ER resident, but from what I've heard that little tidbit about still being in training somehow fails to be mentioned. And all the girls comment on his doctor hands, and get really excited when they hear he is a doctor because he is their type all of a sudden, and so on. I wasn't even thinking of posting about this, but then I found an idea another med spouse had, and I love it:

The show should have a "Joe Millionaire" twist. The ending would go something like this: You have just won the heart of a doctor...in training! He makes $30,000 a year. He has over $200,000 in student loan debt. He will consistently work 100 hours a week and, when home, have the mental capacity of a drunk! CONGRATULATIONS!

Now THAT would be a show I would watch.

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