Monday, January 23, 2006

Love for Uncle Jimmer

See Jimmer?
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Claire and I were chatting and eating lunch today:

Claire: Who will take care of me?
Me: Who do you think will take care of you?
Claire: Jim.
Me: Why will Uncle Jim take care of you?
Claire: Uncle Jim lives at Monnie's house. Monnie lives at the rainbow. Jim and Monnie and me slide down the rainbow. See my daddy.
Me: Uncle Jim is going to take you to slide down the rainbow?
Claire: Yes. Jim funny. (laugh)

So there it is. No pressure, Jim, but your only niece is really counting on you sliding down the rainbow with her.


monnie halberg said...

that is adorable. we're looking forward to spending time with her!

jimhalberg said...

Luckily we still hadn't taken the rainbow down since the last time she was here!