Saturday, January 06, 2007

Conversations With Claire and Two Stories

In the car:
"Mom, is Old McDonalds food healthy for you?"
"No, it isn't."
"...I didn't want to hear that."

Playing Go-Fish:
"Its your turn, Claire."
"Mom, show me my options on your cards."

Claire over-hearing one of Mike's surgery stories:
"Dad? How did you open up his belly?"

"One day there was Claire walking in the woods. She was looking for breakfast. And then she found a bunny rabbit. He was eating a carrot. Claire said "Hi Bunny Rabbit!" and the bunny rabbit said 'Hi Claire'. So Claire went the other way and she used an airplane to fly over the woods. Then she got home and walked off the plane. And she got home. She lived at her home. She ate some oatmeal for breakfast. The End."

"Once there was a Princess. Her name was Claire. She liked to play outside. And she climbed a Wall of Bones (inspired by the Madison Children's Museum, see below). And she climbed and climbed until she reached a window. And she opened the window and she was outside! And she saw a hot air balloon and she got on and she fleeeewww through a window and gave her dad and mom a big hug. Thats the end."


Eric said...

It sounds like Claire is getting her card-playing skills from Mike.

monnie halberg said...

Monnie loves oatmeal for breakfast. She eats it everyday!