Thursday, January 11, 2007

Night Shift

I am currently working overnights. Typically residents work five overnights followed by a day off and tonight is my fourth night. I like working nights because there are always a couple good procedures needed and wait times are usually short so patients are in general happy. Last night I had a gentleman who slammed his finger in a car door (ouch!) and broke the last bone in his index finger. Here is what you do...

1. Remove the nail.
2. Burn a small hole in the nail and set it aside.
3. Stitch the cut on the nail bed.
4. Slide the nail back into place making sure to tuck in the end.
5. Put two loose stitches in the nail to tack it down.
6. Splint the finger and bandage it up!

All done!!!

1 comment:

monnie halberg said...

Easy as that!
Good to know.