Sunday, January 21, 2007

Skiing the Northeast

Over Christmas I also picked up some skis from my brother Jim and last weekend I took a trip with some friends to Sunday River. There were about 70 trails open and the views were fabulous. I haven't been on skis in years but it came back eventually and next time I definitely want to bring Sheila and Claire.


Eric said...

I hope no one broke their arm. Dr. Mike doesn't believe in medical attention for broken bones, do you? :)

michael said...

Actually the story of Eric's broken arm comes up just about every time I go skiing! Eric and I took a ski trip to the U.P. of Michigan one year and Eric broke his arm after taking a good size jump. I thought he was being a wimp and told him I was going to take another run while he shook it off. In the end I drove him to the hospital where there was much pain and gnashing of teeth while the ED doctor tried to reset it with Eric wide awake! Ouch.