Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Regional Thing?

I was listening to an AM radio station yesterday, and there was a discussion about screening callers to make sure weirdies don't get on-air. One of the hosts was telling a story about a time that his call to somewhere was screened, and the question they asked was "What are four of the five Great Lakes?" All of the hosts (three of them) went nuts. I had to listen for a bit, because I didn't know if they were all up in arms that the question was too easy or too difficult. I quickly found out they thought it was ridiculously difficult. They were comparing the question to something from the SAT or Jeopardy. They weren't even sure there were five Great Lakes, and even discussed the possibility that the screen was that if you DID know four of the five lakes that you were (obviously) a weirdie, and thus not allowed to talk on-air.

I thought this was hilarious at first. Of course people know what the five Great Lakes are. But maybe its just Midwest or Great Lakes Region knowledge. Or maybe only people from Wisconsin or Michigan think this is an easy question. Maybe the radio hosts were right, and I'm the weirdie! So, with most of the people who read the blog being Midwesterners, do you know the five Great Lakes?


michael said...

I can name the lakes but I'm not sure that I can name all the states touch Massachusetts!

monnie halberg said...

Wait, there's 5 Great Lakes?

Eric said...

Don't people in Maine remember the HOMES acronym? I know I do...