Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

We have been having a wonderful holiday. Claire and I spent Christmas in Green Bay with my family, which was really nice. I've said before that this year was the first time that Claire really understood Santa's role, and it was great fun. On Christmas Eve I was explaining that Santa would come, and she naturally wanted to stay awake for the event. But after I told her that Santa wouldn't come until she was asleep, she literally ran to her room, jumped in bed and went to sleep. I went in to check on her not five minutes after, and she was out. I wish every night could be that easy! And on our last night at my parent's house, the neighbors had a pretty big fireworks show. A nice send off!

After Christmas, Claire and I stayed in Green Bay for Tim-O-Thee's basketball tournament. It was so nice to see everyone. Most of the Wisconsin people were there, and special appearances were made by Carly and Maeve. It was a lot of fun. Someone had an idea to spell out 'Go Tim-O-Thee on our shirts, and it worked out perfectly until we got to the game and found out we all couldn't sit together. But the effort was there, and honestly, the fun was in putting it together anyway.

Claire loved watching the cheerleaders doing their lifts and such...

And we cheered for Tim a lot, and for good reason. He had a great game (he's number 21).

There are more Christmas and basketball pictureson flickr.

I don't think we have any plans for ringing in the New Year tonight, other than watching the Packer game, even though it looks like the odds we'll make it into the playoffs are not very good. Its still a rare treat for Mike and I to watch a Packer game, so we'll enjoy it anyway. And speaking of Mike, we are all very excited to see him, he flies in tonight!

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