Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mackworth Island and Christmas Lights

This weekend we went to Mackworth Island, a State Park just off the coast of Falmouth. Despite the wind (it was actually very windy), we had a great time, and seemed to find something interesting around every corner. There is a trail that loops all the way around (1.4 miles total) that we followed and discovered beaches, a granite wall that sticks out into the ocean, a gigantic pet cemetery, and a part of the forest where you can build houses for the Fairies. We didn't actually stop to build one, and though I did take pictures, they really don't show anything. Maybe because most of the houses people built are pretty small and made out of natural things, like branches. Or maybe because the Fairies don't like having their pictures taken, so they magically altered my pictures. Either way, Fairies obviously enjoy their privacy.

The above picture is the pet cemetery. When I saw it in the woods, I thought "Wow, that's cool. I wonder what that stone circle is about". And then when I got closer I could see all the grave stones inside, and it was downright creepy. But then Mike remembered reading that this is where the original owner of the island buried his pets (horses and dogs according to the headstones), and so it was a little less creepy...but still creepy.

Then, after it got dark out, we went to Old Port to look at the Christmas lights. There are a lot of very cool lights, and in true 'green' Maine form, all of them are LEDs rather than the incandescent bulbs. I've been wanting to see the lights for a while now, and I'm really glad we had the chance.


Anonymous said...

Love those Christmas lights! said...

I am looking forward to traveling to Maine again so I can share some of the places you've discovered.