Thursday, September 21, 2006

Its that time of year again.

Today Claire and I met some friends at an apple orchard for a few hours. We spent some time picking apples, but mostly Claire and her friend Ava ran through the long grass and laughed when they got tripped up and fell over. It was the perfect fall day.

And after, we went Halloween costume shopping. I hadn't really asked Claire what she wanted to be until today. I had no idea what she would come up with.

"Alright Claire, what do you want to be for Halloween?"

"Hm.... I want to be... Like my DADDY!"

And as luck would have it, we found just the thing. And in her size too!

And also, Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you had a great day and felt all the birthday wishes we were sending your way. I think Claire sang "Happy Birthday" about 27 times, and wore her green party dress for the occasion.


jimhalberg said...

Love the pic of Claire with the purple sweater - how old is she now? 10?

Thanks for the bday wishes and what a goofy picture - I can't believe that guy is wearing a cheesehead!

monnie halberg said...

I loved that birthdday song, Claire! Love your sweater too!
Happy Birthday to you, Sheila!! said...

One of my favorite Jimmer pictures.