Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's MY Birthday!

When Claire woke up today, she was a little concerned she didn't have a birthday present for me, and we had the following conversation:
"Mom (tap on the shoulder). Its your birthday today, but I don't have a birthday present to give you."
"Thats okay Claire."
"Maybe we can go to the toy store...and you can buy ME a present instead!"

We never did make it to the toy store, but we did have to go to the mall to pick up some longer jeans for Claire. While we were there, I saw Bath and Body Works was having a great sale, so we stopped to get some hand soap. Claire walked around the store, looking at everything, and then finally came running up to me.
"Mom! I found the perfect thing for your birthday!"
"Really? What is it?"
"Look!" taking it out from behind her back. "Will you buy it for your birthday?"

Of course.


monnie halberg said...

What a great present, how thoughtful she is...
Again, Happy Birthday!

Eric said...

Happy Birthday, Sheila! Nice duck. said...

Happy Birthday, Sheila!

jimhalberg said...

it IS the perfect gift!

Happy Birthday!

Emmalyzalee said...

Too cute!
Sending you birthday greetings from one coast to the next! I hope you had a great day.