Friday, September 08, 2006


Happy Birthday, Claire! We had a great day today. This is what it looked like:

Streamers hanging in the doorway and a 'Feather Party' in the background.

Favorite Breakfast: Daddy's French Toast with Sugar on Top.

Children's Museum. Petting and feeding baby goats (they were only 9 days old!)

Rock Climbing


Making Music

The Main Event

Silly Stringing Mike (great present from Jim and Monnie). Claire probably picked off half of it by the time I got the camera.

Most definitely a successful birthday.


Eric said...

HaHa. Looks like a fun day for everyone. Of course, clean up tomorrow may not be a party. said...

Happy Birthday, Precious Girl!

Winnie said...

Happy Birthday Claire!

monnie halberg said...

Glad you liked your silly gifts, Claire! We love you!
Monnie and Jimmer

James said...

Happy Birthday Claire!

Anne said...

Oh, happy birthday sweet 3 year old claire. I'm sorry I haven't gotten your box out yet.

We love you in Seattle.

Aunt Annie