Thursday, September 28, 2006


I finally got my sticker. Turns out that in Maine, you have to have your car inspected yearly. And it turns out that if you don't, you can get a $200 ticket. I didn't find that out personally, but I've heard enough "I know someone who..." stories to believe it. So I finally got my car in, and it passed (whew). I'm kind of curious as to what they inspected. I asked, and got a general answer about emissions and fluid leaks. I don't really understand how the program works. I get the idea is to make sure cars are road-worthy, and I think its a good one. And obviously it does work, since its been in place since 1999. But just about any garage is able to do an inspection, and its common knowledge that some places pass cars more easily than others. What stops a mechanic from finding a 'problem' that he can charge you to fix? Sure you can get a second inspection somewhere else, but pass or fail, just getting the inspection costs about $20. Seems like you could really get stuck, if you had an older car and not a whole lot of money. I'm also curious as to if, because of vehicle inspections, there are fewer broken down cars on the road, or fewer accidents due to the car malfunctioning.

In any case, I'm set until next year.


Eric said...

Hawaii has yearly inspections, too. I think it's a scam to give the garages more business. The tests are all a bit too subjective, in my opinion.

sheila said...

I (obviously) agree.

Eric do you have a car out there? I kind of always pictured you sailing your boat to work every day.

shelagh said...

i know we needed yearly inspections in colorado as well and i lived there in the 80's and 90's. it was all about emmisions and air quality so it was good for clean air. sometimes i wondered how my 1973 volvo managed to pass the inspection though!

Eric said...

It would be nice if I could sail to work everyday, then again I would probably stop going to work. I usually ride my bicycle to work. On Thursdays I ride my motorcycle (free taco day = go home late), and I drive my car whenever I need to get groceries. It's a good system.

Calzone said...

We live in Cape Elizabeth...I have a three speed though..not a car.

I'm totally saving up though.

neighbors and shit like that.