Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Wild Things

A week or so ago, I asked Claire a bunch of questions. One of her answers was that the Wild Things (Where the Wild Things Are) is her favorite book. Tonight I was reading her the story before bed. We got to the wild rumpus (three pages of pictures, no words) and she stopped me and started identifying all the monsters. She really thought about each one before she told me who it was (and was amazingly consistent!), so I'm sure there is some reasoning behind it all. See for yourself:

So above, thats Dad, Sharon, Monnie (sorry about the pic, Monnie) and Nana.

Then Jimmer, "maybe thats Devin", Monnie, Grandpa and Grandma

And Jimmer, Grandpa, Nana, Grandma, and Monnie (thats better).

You might notice that Bapa, Uncle Dave and myself are left out. I can only suggest that its because we are not quite as wild (looking!) as the other Wild Things in the family.


monnie halberg said...

great post, sheila!
i like that i'm wild! even if it is wild looking...! how fun. said...

Clairie has the most wonderful imagination! I miss her so much.