Sunday, August 20, 2006

What a Weekend.

We have been really busy having a great time this weekend.

During the day Friday, Mike and I spent some serious time working on landscaping. We have a lot to do outside since we've been spending the majority of our time and energy inside the house. It was a nice change to be outside working, and it felt good to get something done. Friday night we went back to the Bug Light for a bit. I saw a great sunset. Mike and Claire missed it (see the picture below). I really like going to the Bug Light. There are always lots of boats and people to watch.

Saturday we had a lot planned. This weekend was the MS Harborfest in Portland as well as the Great Falls Balloon Festival a half hour away in Lewiston. We went to the MS Harborfest first, hoping to see the sail boat parade, but we either were too late or in the wrong spot (or both?). Either way, we enjoyed our time at the Maine State Pier, and I think we may have seen one boat that was in the parade. It actually shot off a cannon as it went past. I thought it was really cool, Claire wasn't impressed (see the picture below).

After, we drove over to Lewiston for the Balloon Festival. This time we made it to the right spot at the right time for the hot air balloon launch, but it wasn't what I expected. I kind of thought the launch would include around 20 or so balloons, maybe even three or four going up at the same time. In reality, there were six balloons launched, one at a time. It was still very cool to see so close up, and I did get some really cool pictures. Some of the balloons went right over our heads, some floated off into the sunset. We also had fun just goofing around.

Then today, Sunday. Today was the work day. It was suppose to rain all day (and it did) so we figured it would be a good day to spend downstairs. We were able to get the ceiling completely painted, which was no small task. The boards that were used are all grooved, and getting the paint in all the little grooves was not fun, but now that its done, it looks great. We also got a free couch from another resident, and Mike spent a lot of time getting it downstairs. Its a sleeper-sofa, so it weighs a ton, and is pretty long as well. It was quite a project in itself.

All three of us ended up covered in paint. At the end of the night, Claire wouldn't even give me a kiss because she couldn't "find any room" on my cheeks. There was just too much paint for her taste. But lucky for me, Claire has a pair of purple sunglasses that are way too big for her. I definitely needed something to keep the paint out of my eyes, so I borrowed them. I think I looked pretty good. Maybe I'll keep them.


Eric said...

Very modern art with the paint speckles. Nice.

monnie halberg said...

that picture of you with the purple sunglasses is very cool.
sounds like a busy weekend! very productive too. said...

The picture of the sun and the clouds looks like another one for Earth Science Picture of the Day, Sheila.

Winnie said...

Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun there. Good job on the basement by the way.