Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Back Cove

We walked the Back Cove yesterday, which means a 3.5 mile walk around, well, the Back Cove. I've heard a lot about it, and it was pretty cool. There were A LOT of people there. Its the kind of place where you pull into your parking spot and there are guys doing push-ups on the grass, a group of 50 runners (with numbers on their backs) warming up, people fishing off the rocks, people having picnics or playing soccer, and groups of strollers and kids running around. Its a fun place.

You can see the Portland skyline.

You could see a sunset.

But make sure you stretch before you start out.

And stop to pick flowers, for Pete's sake.


monnie halberg said...

nice red tennies, clairey!

sheila said...

They are her "Basketball Shoes" and help her run "real real fast".