Friday, August 18, 2006

Alaska Pictures

I'm back from Alaska and have pictures to share. Great times. Four days spent in Seward and three in Anchorage, with lots of fishing, sightseeing and fun. Most of the fishing was in the Gulf of Alaska about 50 miles out of Resurrection Bay. Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, there were many whale, dolphin, porpoise, sea otter and shark sightings (the seals would swim right up to the dock at night).

Sea Otters

The catch.
My fearless guides (Jason and his father Rich)

The hundred pounder!

The elusive Silver Salmon.

Thanks again to Jason for showing me around and putting me up for the week. Truly a once in a lifetime trip (well, hopefully more than once in a lifetime)!

More pictures...


monnie halberg said...

cool pictures. looks gorgeous there.

Leslie said...

When I was looking at those images Mike, I kept thinking about your Grandfather - John - and how happy he would have been to see those fish pictures. All of those entries in the LeCache journal about going fishing and catching NOTHING. He must have been right there beside you. Looks like a blast!!!