Friday, August 18, 2006

The Fish!

Mike called me, on his last night in Alaska, and told me he was checking two 50 pound boxes of fish. He suggested I buy a chest freezer. So I did. Which sounds very simple, but actually, it was a very big hassle that included spending 4 hours at a wonderful local Home Improvement Center, a rental truck, and a huge confusion over the correct policy of filling the gas tank of the rental truck. I also have to say that through the whole thing, Claire was amazing. I wish I could download pictures off my phone so I could post a picture of her sitting in her car seat in the middle of the floor, reading books. She was great.

Mike was also going through quite a bit of hassle to get home. His flight out of Anchorage was delayed for long enough that he would have missed his connecting flight in Seattle on Thursday night, and the next flight from Seattle to Boston wasn't until today, Friday morning. They managed to switch airlines and pull some strings and he was home yesterday afternoon, but he was without the fish. When packed, Mike was told the fish would stay frozen for about 36 hours (I was really impressed!), and it was suppose to be delivered to our house between 10pm and 1am last night, they were really cutting it pretty close. So finally, at 12:50am, the fish came.

We opened the boxes and checked the fish... and they were hard as rocks! Still very frozen! So we put them in the (now pre-cooled) freezer and went to bed.

Tonight, I think we'll have some Halibut for dinner!


monnie halberg said...

wow, you guys are going to be feasting on fish for a while! said...

Ann and Rick said they bought halibut for dinner one night as a special treat--very pricey! They were quite impressed with your cache.