Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where have we been, huh?

The days are flying by. I can't believe its almost August. Mike is just finishing his emergency medicine month, and its been really nice. A few of the other interns started off on much more difficult months with lots of call and 36 hour shifts. The kind of thing you usually think of when someone mentions residency. We'll get to do that stuff this winter. It is so nice that the best months of residency are what he'll have all the time when he's finished.

Other than that, Mike has been doing a great job downstairs, last night he finished the mudding of the walls. It really looks great. I'm really looking forward to having a room for him, and only for him. A place where he can keep all his stuff, I mean, his really important medical documents, books, journals and supplies. He definitely needs an office. And aside from that, we've been giving the outside of the house a bit of attention as well. Since we moved in, we've been really focused on the inside. Now we are pulling weeds, Mike is cleaning out the gutters, and we are trying to come up with some kind of plan for what we want to plant and where.Other than work, we've been taking advantage of the great weather. Things really cooled down for us, and the humidity went away (for now). We took Claire and her friend to a park with a wading area complete with fountains to play in.

We went to Peaks Island, and last night we spent a good four hours sitting on the beach. And every day, Claire does this:

and then says "I wish there was a letter for me." I used to be able to pass off the junk mail as letters sent to her, but she's figured that out. So if anyone wants to send her a card, she would love it.

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monnie halberg said...

I have a bunch of stuff I've been collecting to send her.
I'll get on that this week yet. Jim and I planned a few weeks ago just to send her mail at least once a week. We really need to do that! It's important for us to let her know how much we think of her! (and you guys too :)