Sunday, July 09, 2006


I finally finished making the curtains! I guess it wouldn't have taken this long if I hadn't completely lost interest half way through. But what counts is that I'm done and now we will be able to walk around the house after dark without the neighborhood knowing about it. So it was a pretty crafty day.

You may remember a post a while back with a picture of the painted dining room. Notice the naked windows and walls? Here is how it looks now:

Finished roman shades and some stuff on the walls. The bookshelf still needs a bit of work, but I'm taking it one day at a time. I've got a version of the Peasant's Wedding painting in full view of the kitchen, in true Ironwood style. And a new favorite I found while unpacking, four leaves laminated and identified by Mike when he was in grade school. They fit in with the room so perfectly, I love it.

See that curtain rod?? Its electrical conduit. The previous owners of the house took everything when they left, including the curtain rods and brackets. So I went to Target and bought everything I needed, and it came to $300. So I returned it all and went to Home Depot where I bought electrical conduit, some C hooks and couplings for a total of less than $12. Perfect. And once I trim the excess, you won't even be able to see the conduit. I used it in every room, and it worked out especially nice for the living room (below) since the window was about a foot and a half longer than the longest curtain rod I could find. It was longer than a single piece of conduit as well, but thats what the couplings were for. I'm really happy with how it all turned out, curtain rods, fabric and all.

I really love this sheer stuff in the living room, it lets in air and light but its just enough to make you feel like you are separated from the sidewalk (yes I made a liner that isn't see through as well!), and it has just enough of a design in it that its interesting to look at. I actually really enjoyed making everything.

On to the next project!!


monnie halberg said...

How fun.
Those floors look great.
Once we get some more use of our carpet, we're doin' the laminate thing too.
I'm looking forward to seeing Jim and Teresa's bathroom now that they have the laminate too!

sheila said...

You'll have to post pictures when you do get it in. And I'll have to get on Jim and Teresa to send me pictures too. It sounds like they have been making some changes to their house as well!

anne said...

very impressive! i love it. said...

You are amazing, Sheila. Not only the skill to make these window coverings, but the eye to imagine and plan it all. The Roman shade and curtains are beautiful and your home is so you and Michael and Claire. Perfect.

I was thinking of adding "The Ironwood Picture" to our kitchen, too.

Thanks for the inspiration to get moving on some rooms in our house. I will get pictures to you when my tech talents extend that far...I'm learning!

sheila said...

I'm waiting for those pictures. What Ironwood painting do you have? I have a few more to hang, but I have to figure out where...