Friday, July 14, 2006


As I got into the shower yesterday:
"Mom, do you want to come to the Carnival? Please?"
"I can't come right now, I'm getting into the shower."
"Its okay Mom. Its a naked Carnival."

Upstairs jumping on the couch:
"Hey Dad. Watch this. Watch these feet leave the ground."

At the grocery store:
"Mom is that a banana?"
"No, its a squash."
"Its a squash."
"Squash. A Squash."
"Its a vegetable, its called a squash."
"Claire, its a squash,"
Laughs from from the cart.

1 comment: said...

It's time you guys sent Claire to visit her Nana and Bapa. We miss her. Her voice, her laughter, her engagement with the world.

I'll meet the plane. Whenever. I'll send her back when school starts.