Saturday, July 15, 2006

More Basement Pics

Today we put up drywall, Monday we mud and sand (With Tim the Tool man's help!).


faveauntcarrie said...

Question: Is this whole residency thing a scam? Did Michael really move you guys out to Maine so you could become house remodelers?

As Jodi said the other night, "Isn't Michael supposed to be showing up at some hopsital for 50 hour shifts? What's he doing in the basement again?"

This is a little suspicious looking.... said...

I think it's because they're young. Remember? yOUnG? That's the time you have EneRgY!

Jim and I have come to the point where we do no work on our house during the school year. If it ain't done by August, it isn't getting done until next July.

sheila said...

Oh no, its definitely a scam. We're just the ones being scammed. I made Mike take on a second job as a professional sheet-rocker.