Monday, July 10, 2006

Pretending Can Be Trouble

Claire was playing in my bedroom today while I was folding some laundry. At one point, I looked over at her, and saw that she was squatting. I looked a little closer and realized she was peeing, just a little bit, but it was clearly intentional.

I said, "Claire, what are you doing?" She hasn't had an accident in forever.
"I'm going potty."
"I see that. Why are you going potty on the floor?"
"I was just pretending I was sitting on a potty chair."

Ah. And doing a great job of it, too.


shelagh said...

too funny!

faveauntcarrie said...

I think at work tomorrow, I'm going to pretend I'm in Kelowna... on the beach... playing Bocce... drinking a Molson... and hanging with family.

Think they'll notice in cubeland?

sheila said...

They'd probably notice using the floor as a potty chair before they noticed you pretending you were in Kelowna. So I say give it a try.