Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My projects.

I've finally started knitting Mike's second replacement mitten. I have had the first finished for a while now, but somehow, that second one has been slow in coming. Honestly, I've knit three other pairs of mittens, a pair of socks, and a scarf since I finished the first mitten of Mike's. Sorry, Mike. Now I really want to start a pair of socks for myself, but I just can't justify it if Mike's mittens are not done. Hopefully he'll still get some use out of them since its only February. I also want to try hand-dyeing yarn. I've been reading all about it and getting pretty excited to try it out, but again, not until that mitten is finished.

Mike and Jim were in a tennis tournament last weekend, and they took third. It was fun to watch Mike play again, its been a while since I have. And it was thanks to Nana that I was able to. Claire wanted to walk around almost the entire time, and Nana went along with her every time. Claire actually did spend a few minutes watching, kind of.

After the last match on Sunday, we went to the Kinsella's for the Super Bowl. I will agree with most of the reviews I have heard and say that it was a good game. I cheered for the Steelers, but I definitely wasn't very excited about the whole thing. I paid more attention to the commercials than anything else (my favorites were the ameriquest and sprite ads). And now we wait for the next season to start!

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