Thursday, February 23, 2006

Four Days Left

This has been a crazy month! I have been working my butt off at the hospital (as you can tell by the pictures of me sleeping all over the house!). But in just four days I start my month of vacation! Best of all, I just got my board scores back = PASS! This means that I can relax during my month off and enjoy match day (March 15th I think).

Remember, there is a giant party coming after I graduate!



sheila said...

Whoo-Hooo! Congrats again on the pass, Mike. Can't wait for March and vacation. You sure deserve a break.

And Match Day is March 16th. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Mike Fox said...

Congrats on the Pass Mike.
Nice work.
You should use that month vacation to work on your wrestling skillz...

jimhalberg said...

I think you should use your month off coming up with some new material for Fox.

beth m said...

hoping you and Portland are a match since I didn't get to meet Sheela when you were here and I would be a GREAT babysitter for Claire! Congratulations on the PASS!!!