Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No Swiping!

Yesterday I asked Claire where the blue clip is that I use to close the spinach bag in the refrigerator.

"I swiped it!"
"You swiped it? Where did you put it?"
"Better check the map, Mom."

Of course. The map. This can only be a direct result of the game we were playing at Nana and Bapa's house a few weekends ago where Mike would swipe something and hide it while I drew a map showing how to find it. Then Claire would go on an adventure to get it back. Its not quite as much fun, though, when the 2 year old is the one doing the swiping.

Also, we got two goldfish today. Claire had one fish a few months ago, but it didn't last more than three days. I hope these fish last a bit longer, and if not, well thats really okay too. Claire had them named before we got home: Samantha and Dad.


Mike Fox said...

Is there any resemblance between Dad the fish and the real Dad that is a crappy wrestler?

sheila said...

Well, Dad is the bigger fish. I don't think the two Dads look anything alike, with the fish being all orange and stuff, but I have not seen Dad the fish and Samantha wrestle yet, so I can't make a fair judgement. If the fish do wrestle, I'll make a note of the winner, and post pictures.

michael said...

I think the Dad fish is very handsome.

monnie halberg said...

I think the Dad fish is a dork.

michael said...

The dad fish asked me to tell you guys to kiss his dorky butt.