Thursday, December 08, 2005

Flyer and My mittens

I went to a private ER today to put in a shift. One of the nurses had the newspaper and was looking at an advertisement. I leaned over and casually said, "Oh, there is my wife." She was impressed and said, "You are married to a model?" I just played it cool and then rushed home after my shift to show Sheela!!!

We took a trip to see Grandpa John yesterday. He is in a nice place that is just down the block from John and Leslie. Good to see him, and he even recognized me! When we walked in I started showing off my mittens that Sheela knit me. He tried them on and said, "Nice and soft, I think I will keep these." He turned to Sheela and said, "Yes, I think I should keep these." She agreed and so now I wipe the snow off of my car with cold hands. The Packers are 2-10 and I don't have any mittens in December. Who'd a thunk?



monnie halberg said...

i think your wife should knit you some more mittens?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mike. You can show Mr. Carlson that and tell him to bow down. His was only a girlfriend in the Fleet Farm flyer, not a full fledged wife.