Monday, December 05, 2005

Two Claire Quotes.

1. Mike to Claire: "Is Mama cool or what?"
Claire: "What."

2. One morning a few days ago, as she was waking up with a cold: "Mama, my nose broken. Fix it."


jimhalberg said...

Monica and I regulary use Claire-isms around the house.

look at this: Come ear a minit.

don't stop: Moe!

following "pass the...", or "can I have the...": Toss it!

and the most popular...

Don't want to do something:
No mo ohvabay (No More Overbay!) said...

I love the Claire-isms!

The "toss it" also works for "I'm done talking with Nana on the phone." I have been known to continue singing a song or telling a princess story to the floor. Later, one of her dear parents picks up the phone and kindly explains that it was a very nice story or song, but that I can hang up now!

faveauntcarrie said...

I remember walking behind a two year old once somewhere, and her Dad kept telling to "Behave! Behave!" Finally she looked at him and said, " I AM being a have!"