Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home after the Holidays

What fun! We really had a great time this year. On Christmas Eve, Mike created the mother of all scavenger hunts, and then laughed at me and took pictures as I struggled to find clues. There were probably six clues (all taped to a toy jack) I had to find and it took me SIX hours. I did get help from time to time, but I can honestly say that from 10am until about 4:30pm I searched every single corner of Nana and Bapa's house. At the end, I found...a rake. So I brought my big prize upstairs and the room exploded into ooohs and aahhhs. HA! Good joke. The real present is fabulous, a trip to Brazil to see my friend Ana. Mike and I have been racing to get our papers in order, we leave at the end of January! I can't even tell you how excited I am.
We spent Christmas Day lounging around until it was time to leave for the Packer game. It was great, even though they lost. Just seeing the clash of Packer and Bear fans was fun. The weather was great. I actually ended up not needing a few of the layers I put on, which is not what you'd expect at a Packer game in December, but welcome nonetheless. Then we spent a few days with my family. Claire woke up the next morning at 5am ready to open presents. She wouldn't go back to sleep, but I was able to hold her off until about 7:00, no easy feat. It was a great time, and I think Mike may have found a new favorite game. Its called Pass the Pig. Its basically a dice game, but the dice are little pigs and you get points (or lose them) based on how they land. All weekend long, you could hear shouts of "Pig Out!!" "Its a leaning jowler!" "Oh man! A double snouter!" "Thats an Oinker! Ha!". It is very fun, and I actually found a place you can play it online. Definitely more fun 'in real life' though.

So then we've been home for a few days, settling down a bit. I'm looking forward to dinner at Leslie's this week and what sounds like a New Year's Eve with the Kinsella's. I think Mike has some interviews coming up as well. Back to normal!


Maighie said...

That is such a wonderful gift Sheila! Brazil would be incredible - you will have to take many pictures. I'm very impressed with your scavenger hunt patience, I would have gone crazy looking for that long but it was clearly worth it in the end (:

faveauntcarrie said...

Who gave you the trip to Brazil gift?

sheila said...

Michael did. We've been talking about going this winter when he had time off, but that time has seemed to slowly evaporate and we kind of stopped talking about it. But he found a week, and has been in contact with my friend for quite a while setting it all up. Completely surprised me.

faveauntcarrie said...

Very sweet.
You'll have a great time.

Happy New Year to you three sweetie pies.