Thursday, December 22, 2005

Its only 10:43 AM?

Its just been one of those days. Here is a list of Reasons Why Claire Has Thrown a Fit This Morning - in order:

1. I would not buy her a bag of gummie bears.
2. I would not buy her a spool of thread.
3. I would not let her throw spools of thread down the aisle OR pull bolts of fabric down onto the floor.
4. She wanted to walk (when she was in the cart).
5. She wanted to be in the cart (after I took her out so she could walk).
6. She wanted to stay in the car once we got to the store.
7. She wanted to stay in the store after we checked out.
8. Two fingers were in the thumb hole of her mittens.
9. She had two owies.
10. She wanted chocolate milk (when we were in the car).
11. She ate all the cereal I brought along for her.
12. She threw her hat on the floor and then decided she wanted it back.
13. I would not let her put quarters in her mouth (completely unreasonable, I know).
14. (My favorite) "Tears fell on my coat".
15. She didn't like the song on the radio.
16. I was singing along to the radio.
17. The radio was too soft. Then too loud. Then she didn't want Christmas music.
18. She couldn't find her blanket.
19. She fell down (or more accurately, threw herself down when I told her she had to say please for the blanket).
20. She got another owie from the fall.
21. Her feelings got hurt.
22. And right now, as I type, she is crying because I wouldn't let her play games on the computer.

I have a feeling there will be an early naptime today.


monnie halberg said...

She's growing up so fast...

Leslie said...

And your problem with all of these reasons is?

......Wait until she is in middle school and on the debate team, then you will be asked to give "evidence" every time you make a request of her!

faveauntcarrie said...

Oh man, Sheila. I remember those days well. Ay yi yi. Parenting is hard work, all the dang time. Newborns, two-year-olds, 10year olds, seventeen year olds...The joy, eh?
Know that we all think you have wonderful abilities and patience and humor. And that we empathize with you on those days when you feel like you could pull your hair out strand by strand...