Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nothing New

There really isn't much going on lately. Actually, the real reason I'm even posting at all is so that I don't have to go do the dishes. There are TEN days left of Mike's OB/GYN rotation, not that I'm keeping track or anything. I think he'll be glad to be done, all the work is starting to catch up with him.
Claire is on fast-forward with learning lately. A few days ago we were reading a shape book and I found out she knows a lot of shapes: rectangle, circle, star, square, triangle, diamond, and even oval. She can point them out when I ask her. And then yesterday we were playing with blocks and I asked her to get me a red one, and she did. I went through some other colors, blue, green, yellow and purple, and she got them all. We've been doing this a lot now that I know she knows her stuff! She's really good until she gets tired of the game, and then she'll just bring a handful of different colored blocks. She can also answer to 'what color is this' in sign language for red, blue and orange. A lot of the other color signs are so similar (and Claire not yet precise enough), that I can't tell if she's right or not. I was just thinking about how she would go through development stages where she would start babbling and grabbing toys all at once, or she would learn to walk and and say three new words over a day or two. Its been a while since she's gone through a 'growth' stage like that. Its really fun to see.
And in other news, I got a new Incredible Art Board! That is actually the product's name, and I think they are right with incredible. Its for stretching my watercolor paper, and I love it. What a wonderful tool.

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