Monday, May 23, 2005

Mark this down on the calendar!

Claire slept (thus allowing me to sleep) until 8:30AM! It was so awesome. I needed the sleep a lot. I think this might be one of the first times she has cooperated with this sleep in idea. Almost always, when Mike and I stay out late she wakes up extra early. Its like she knows we were having fun without her, so she punishes us for it.

Speaking of waking up, I have to go buy a new alarm clock today. Last night Mike set the alarm to go off at 6AM this morning. It went off at 9:00PM. I've never seen an alarm clock do that before, usually the mistake is made by setting the clock to PM when you really want AM. But this clock not only ignored that, it got the time wrong as well. We both had to check it a few times because the clock is never wrong, of course. It goes off at the wrong time, you completely assume "Oh I must have set it to the wrong time. What was I thinking?" So is this possibly a little clue as to why Mike oversleeps some days and wakes up at 2AM others? Mike has been known to wake up at all hours, shower, eat breakfast and get ready to go only to realize its like 11:30 at night or some other crazy hour. I've always assumed he is under a lot of stress when this happens, and afraid of being late so his body wakes up super early. I still think this is the case almost every time it happens, but maybe the clock is playing games with him as well!

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