Wednesday, April 07, 2010

So close!

Milena is so close to walking now. She long since been an ace at crawling. Then she pulled up to standing on furniture, the wall, your leg, whatever was there. But now she's able to stand up right in the middle of the floor, no handles, and she does it all the time. She's balancing there for longer and longer, and I know its just a matter of days before she takes those first few steps. She is learning how to do this so much differently than Claire did. Claire somehow just did it. She rarely fell, and when she did, it was never bad. I don't even remember any blood. Milena, on the other hand, is working for it. She's invested so many tears and cuts. She's determined, and she'll get it.

Also, we got a new table. It is awesome, and probably our first grown-up furniture purchase. Justin, Jacque and the kids were kind enough to come over for a lasagna dinner to break it in. Next up will be chair shopping. The ones in the picture have seen better days and are known to give out while a person is seated in them. Thats only fun for so long.

We hit Ella's Deli on Monday, as a Spring Break wrap up. Claire loved it.

Milena did as well, despite the skeptical look on her face here.

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monnie halberg said...

great table!