Monday, April 19, 2010


Milena and I had the chance to play with Henry for a few hours this morning. I think it was the first time they had some good one-on-one play. Usually Claire is around, and Henry thinks Claire is pretty cool. If the options are Claire and Milena, he goes Claire every time. So it was fun to see he and Milena interact a bit. He was very sweet to her.

Knowing we don't have any of the cool toys (trucks/trains/cars etc), he smartly brought some of his own trains, and it didn't take long for him to break them out. Milena mostly used them as phones (wait, boys and girls play in the same way, right??), and Henry wasn't sure what to do about that. Mostly he ignored the misunderstanding and repeatedly asked her to put the train on the track. She happily ignored him and said 'hi' repeatedly into the train-phone.

Then I asked Henry some questions. Things started getting pretty fishy pretty quickly. When questioned about his new sister, he was able to confirm that she was 'little', her name is Tess, that she was loud and that she had 'two arms'. But the details get sketchy after that. Henry reports she enjoys playing trains and swimming, and that she has 'three or four' eyes, 'two or three' noses and 'four or five' feet. It was Milena's turn to be skeptical, and she didn't hide it well.

Fortunately, they were able to get past all of that and they had a really great time together.


jimhalberg said...

Glad they got a chance to hang out! (and thanks again for taking him)

Although, I was hoping to see some pics of him with his jacket on backwards :)

sheila said...

Ha. The backwards jacket was great. Got a lot of compliments at the library, actually. I think I confused him by just holding out his jacket to put on. He just walked up and stuck his arms in the arm holes. I said I thought we should turn it around, and he said no, so backwards it was.

t. said...

I didn't realize Tess has 'three or four' eyes, 'two or three' noses and 'four or five' feet, but surely her brother knows best.

Love the pictures!

monnie halberg said...

hilarious. thanks so much for spending time with him!