Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Milena!

Milena turned one today, so we had a party at the zoo. Lucky for us, we were able to share the day and do a combo birthday party with our friend's daughter. We met in Hawaii, and by chance they moved to Madison a few weeks ago. Thanks to Eric for setting us up.

Milena was less than enthusiastic about the cake. She played along for a bit, took a few small bites from Claire which she later spit out, and then really didn't want to have anything to do with it. Having the party at a picnic table presented the challenge of feeding the birthday girls without high chairs. Dave was unsuspecting and without experience in these things and so it was obvious he'd be the one covered in frosting.

But the other one year-old knew exactly what to do and went to work covering herself in frosting.

After a quick clean up we hit the zoo. It was a great day.


Eric said...

Sweet birthday party. I especially like the last photo. It looks like they are getting ready for a prize fight or something.

Anonymous said...


One already???

What a doll. Oh, I could just squish her!


monnie halberg said...

happy birthday, pumpkin!
great party!