Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is here.

Finally. It feels like its been a long time in coming, but I think Spring has finally arrived. This winter was tough for me. A Wisconsin winter is a far cry from a mild New England winter. I obviously knew what to expect, but I have to say that this winter was pretty depressing for me. All that time indoors is rough when you know that in Maine you'd likely be at the beach, perhaps even watching surfers or climbing up a mountain somewhere. On the other hand, spring in Wisconsin is incredible. We've been enjoying it.

Since my last post, Milena has mastered crawling and standing. She doesn't have the coordination to move her legs to walk yet, but she is really trying and getting her fair share of cut lips, bumps and bruises along the way. It won't be long. She's 'talking' much more and other than 'mom' and 'dad', I believe I've heard her use her own words for Claire, more and water. Not sure, though, because she's constantly babbling and half the time I'm sure I just *think* I can make out an intended word. But she is using sign language now, and thats really cool. She is often standing at the front door watching the cars go by and I'm sure wishing she could be outside. She's happy for spring as well.

Claire hasn't lost any other teeth recently. She has decided to grow out her bangs. She got her ears pierced, which she's been asking about for a year now, since Milena was born. A few times I told her we could go and get it done, but then she'd back down and say she'd like to wait. But not this time. She was ready and she did awesome. Even got a lollipop afterwards. The school year is winding down and she seems to be soaking in every last second. She's using words like 'incidental' and 'essentially' and 'empathetic'. She's doing multiplication. I... don't know if I use words like that now.

Thats what we've been up to. Looking forward to Easter this weekend.

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monnie halberg said...

It's so fun that Claire got her ears pierced! Love the new blog design!