Monday, November 14, 2005

Ruby Slippers

ruby slippers
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Claire saw The Wizard of Oz for the first time last night. I was very surprised she wasn't scared. She would only say"Run faster guys!" or "Uh-oh, witch coming" during the parts I thought would have been scary for her. My mom loves The Wizard of Oz. And I think she loves the fact that Claire enjoyed the movie so much even more. Needless to say, Claire now has a pair of her own ruby slippers, which she hasn't taken off since finding them.


Leslie said...

I am so glad that a girl-child I know has a pair of those slippers. I have been walking by them at Target for months and trying not to buy them...Elijah just WOULD NOT go for them.

I am impressed she could watch that film. My brother Rob (who I am staying with in Kentucky right now) was in elementary school before he stopped running out of the room screaming when those flying monkeys would come on the screen!!

michael said...

My mom loves The Wizard of Oz too! I am missing my girls, theres no place like home!

Love you,


sheila said...

I think its pretty great she has a pair too. They are just so cool. And I was impressed she watched the entire movie as well. I know plenty of older kids who can't watch some parts.

Its not quite home without you, Michael.