Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Mike is home!

Claire was very excited all morning long (which amounted to about an hour, since his flight got in so early). She would run around the house shouting "See my daddy now! So happy!". At the airport a woman asked Claire who she was waiting for and Claire said, "Me waiting for Daddy" in a very mature way, and then jumped up and down clapping and laughing, much to the delight of everyone within earshot. Finally, we could see Mike and Claire sprinted across the concourse to get to him. And if that wasn't enough, he had a present for her! And me too! We are such lucky girls.

On the way home we all were so involved with talking and laughing that I missed two exits I was suppose to take. I think Mike is as glad to be home as we are to have him home.

Now Mike is trying to catch up on some sleep while Claire is trying to play hide'n'seek with him. Things seem like they are back to normal already. It sure didn't take long.


t.mom said...

I can just picture Claire at the airport waiting for her daddy. What a happy day for all of you.

jimhalberg said...

Welcome Back!

When are you coming to Madison?