Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cable TV

Okay, am I the only one who watches the Home Shopping Channels for fun? Not that I get to often, we don't have cable at home, but I love to listen to people talk! up! a product! like its the best thing ever!! -- the uglier or more useless the product, the more I enjoy it. For example, right now, one channel is featuring 'Fairy Dolls'. The artist is on camera with a spokesman talking about how wonderful these Fairy Dolls (which remind me very much of porcelain dolls with wings) are and why everyone should have at least few of them.

Man: "And the skirt...its just magnificent. It is so full."

Woman: "Yes, it is actually four layers"

Man: "Four layers! My goodness. What quality. You know, I haven't mentioned this yet, but my favorite thing about this beautiful doll is right here. This silky satin ribbon attached right to the doll. Imagine hanging this doll from a chandelier. From the ceiling in a little girl's room, or any room for that matter. From a doorknob. Or, imagine this, hanging in a sunroom. How beautiful would that be?"

Woman: "Yes, this would really be the focal point anywhere in the house." (she's got that right)

Man: "Not to change the subject, but when I hold this doll...it... it takes me back to my childhood. Once in a while you come across something that can bring you right back to your childhood. That is what this Fairy Doll will do, and there is nothing wrong with that!"

Then they both laugh knowingly.

I love this stuff. Its great. Why would anyone watch anything else when you can watch the home shopping channel and see what you can't live without?


faveauntcarrie said...

I love that stuff, too.

A few years ago, Maeve and I used to sit around on winter Sunday afternoons and watch infomercials together. Caruso Curls. OxyClean. Some food dehydrator. Entertained us for hours. Our rule was that we had to keep the credit card locked up during the viewings so we'd never be able to order anything. After a certain number of times of being told how fabulous those things are... it gets pretty hard to imagine actually living without them.

The fairy doll hanging from a light, though? Nuh uh. Don't need it.


jimhalberg said...

"After a while watching this stuff, I start thinking: You know? I don't think I have a single knife in my kitchen that I could use to cut through my shoes."
- Jerry Seinfeld on the Ginza knives infomercial

sheila said...

I never even thought about how the shopping channels are like an infomercial. But you are right, they are. And I like to watch infomercials too!

t.mom said...

I don't know, Sheila. I think maybe you protest too much. Are you really HOPING that you may get one of these fairy dolls for Christmas???

sheila said...

Well, I would want one for Christmas, but they don't make any noise! Maybe we could special order one!