Friday, June 17, 2005

wider is better

Today I learned that if you live in Manhattan, and you own a townhouse, its probably going to be 18 feet wide (I was reading this article in the New York Times). That seemed really narrow to me, so I got out the tape measure and measured out 18'. It turns out I was right, it really is narrow. And some townhomes are only 9.5 feet wide. I measured that out as well, and that is really narrow. It was very interesting to me. This is something I never even considered, much less the cost of one of these places. It makes me glad I have a backyard!

1 comment: said...

After reading article, I figure your apartment, our house, and Jimmer and Monnie's condo are all worth millions! My parents should be able to sell their house in Ironwood easily. We've joked about how much the Ironwood house would sell for in another market, but at these rates, I think we should actually do it!