Tuesday, June 14, 2005

fun stuff

Claire is becoming her own little person so quickly. Not that thats news or anything, but as she is understanding more and able to communicate better, she gains personality. She will answer questions with either a very enthusiastic "Yeah!" or a quieter "nope." She's even accurate with the answers, usually. If you ask her if she is a fast runner, she'll yell "Yeah!" and take off. She almost always has to have a hat on. And if we are leaving the house, a hat is a must. Her favorite is an orange and green pumpkin hat. If she gets uncomfortable around strangers she pretends she has an 'owie' on her finger. She requests songs. She sings songs. She puts on clothes she finds around the house, comes by me and says "Oooooh wow, mama". This is so I respond "Ooooh wow, Claire!". She loves piggy-back rides. She is so fun.

Mike is going the the cabin with the Portage boys this weekend. The weather looks like it will be cold, but hopefully that will keep the black flies away. I think this is when they are bad. But if I had to choose, I would probably prefer the black flies over the black bears. I don't have to choose though because Claire and I will be in Green Bay. =)

Well, thats about catches you up. It kind of feels like a lot of things are on idle right now.

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