Tuesday, June 28, 2005

wasting time

I think our digital camera has finally died.

It all started last summer when we took it to the beach, and despite being so careful, got sand in it anyway. At the time, it wouldn't work at all, so we rushed it to my dad hoping he could save its life. He completely took it apart, removed buckets of sand, and then put it all back together again. It worked! I had complete faith in him the whole time, he once did the same thing with a car engine (though I'm not sure the problem with that was sand). Anyway, the camera has worked perfectly until now. But for the last week or so its been much slower and noisier about turning on, and then today it wouldn't work at all. So we are going to have to start looking for a new camera. I know I can't go very long without taking pictures of Claire, and I have a feeling there are grandparents who won't be able to go very long without seeing pictures of Claire. Its too bad it stopped working hours before we leave to go camping!

Speaking of camping, its probably pretty obvious by the number of posts I've had today that Nana has come and picked up Claire, I'm all packed, and Mike isn't home yet. The house is so quiet. Its somehow even quieter than when she is napping. Its very strange to be here alone, with nothing to do. What did I do with my time before she was born?

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jimhalberg said...

You'll have to let me know what you find on those cameras. Ours is almost in need of replacement too. It still works but the battery life is about 30 seconds if you have the LCD screen on... I know, I know... I can get a new battery but it's pretty old too.