Saturday, March 07, 2009

We got a Mac.

Its been a long time coming.  I really don't like wires, and our old computers were getting a bit out of hand with how many they required.  I was happy to trade in this:

for a sleek desktop that has only one cord.  

Actually we have been looking at iMacs for awhile, but we were having a difficult time actually buying one.  Its not very often we buy something for that much money without getting some kind of a deal.  Apples, however, don't seem to go on sale.  So we just decided to suck it up and buy one.  Refurbished, of course.  One morning last week I sat down to order online.  As it turns out, that was The Day the new iMacs were released and the 'old' one we were looking at was suddenly on clearance.  There were two left at our local Apple store, so Claire and I got there and picked it up as fast as we could.  In the end our new iMac was much less than the refurbished ones, and we ended up with a free printer/copier/scanner.  Not bad.

And Claire loves Photo Booth, no surprise. 

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monnie halberg said...

Good buy.
And obviously you guys got some kind of deal on the thing. Figures!