Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sooner than I thought.

I bought yogurt today that expires a week after my due date.

I guess that means either yogurt takes a long time to spoil, or we'll have two kids a lot sooner than I thought.


Maighie said...

How exciting! Sending lots of love your way.

Eric said...

Does yogurt really ever go bad? It's already full of bacteria. Realistically, Claire will be an astronaut before that yogurt is spoiled.

That's not to say that baby #2 isn't right around the corner. Jitujeusi, right?

Winnie said...

Guess, you are due the same day as me. I'm sue on the 21st of April.
I'm kinda ready but not really. Not looking forward to sleepless nights again.

sheila said...

So maybe yogurt just gets bette with age, then? We could set some aside now for when Claire is an astronaut, and then she could take it with her.

Winne, we are due on the same day. I didn't know!

t. said...

So exciting! We can hardly wait.

Carrie said...

ohhhhhhhh! I am so excited!! Still looking for a pic of you all adorable right now, and you know you are!