Sunday, April 06, 2008

Almost Spring

We're ready for it. Any day now its going to be 60 and sunny, I just know it.

Last month at Claire's school was color month. Every day the kids talked about and wore a different color, and Claire embraced this from her ponytail holders down to her socks. She absolutely loved the color themed days. The last class of color month was 'Wear Every Color Day', and she did that well too. Every morning I'd tell her what color to wear, and she'd put together her outfit on her own. Every Color day was no different, and I think she did a very good job of covering the rainbow. And you can't see them, but her pants are blue and her boots are purple.

Yesterday we spent some time at Mackworth Island, which I've posted about before. Its a beautiful place and definitely one of my favorite places to hike within Portland. This time we saw a harbor seal sitting around on the beach, and of course, we made a fairy house. It wasn't nearly as cold as it looks in the pictures.


t. said...

I love "Every Color Day". I may try that for school tomorrow.

sheila said...

If you do, you should definitely post pictures on your blog.

monnie halberg said...

I think your child definitely has a future in fashion.