Friday, March 21, 2008

The Emerald City

Things have been pretty hectic here, but last weekend we took a much needed break and spent the weekend with friends at their family camp (Maine for cabin). The main event was skiing.

We all had fun, with the exception of my friend Jaime, who made the mistake of allowing me to take her to the top of the hill on the lift. People who know nothing about skiing should not ski together. Lesson learned.

And now that we are back, we get to watch our fill of NCAA basketball. We helped Claire fill out her bracket, and unfortunately she is already not doing so well. The logic behind her choices was interesting, but not exactly helpful when choosing a winner. She chose Portland State (referring to them as Portland, ME) to go all the way to the elite eight. She liked San Diego, sending them to the final four, because she likes Go Diego Go. And she picked Temple to go all the way to championship because she likes the show Legends of the Hidden Temple. She refused to pick North Carolina, insisting that South Carolina would win. In the end, she chose Wisconsin to win it all saying "Wisconsin, please. Thats what I would pick if I were you!" So we'll see. These brackets can be pretty unpredictable.


jimhalberg said...

Well at least she picked the winner right!

monnie halberg said...

It all sounds completely logical to me!

Carrie said...

hey sheila,

I was at Target yesterday and they have the CUTEST spring/summer dresses. Seeing that we are getting a new crop of baby boys in the family, I'm getting the urge to buy some girlie stuff. Does Claire like dresses? Or even, any summery clothes... I'd love to get her some. What size is she in these days?