Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm on my way.

I have had this in the basement for quite a while:

Its my pottery room. I have wanted this room since I threw (read: made on the wheel) my first bowl six or seven years ago. I took a ceramics class at MATC the summer Mike and I were living on State Street in Madison. I needed something to do as he studied the nights away for the MCAT, and a friend suggested we take a pottery class together. I enjoyed it more than any other kind of art I have ever tried. For the past few years I have been slowly collecting the things I need to make pottery on my own, in my own house. I've had the wheel for a while, but I just recently found a kiln. So today, in the basement, I had this:

A working kiln. Unbelievable. I didn't know what to expect. The kiln is very gently used, but it is also very very old, so I'm excited to find out that it works perfectly. I just need one more thing, a vent to get rid of all the nasties firing creates, and I'll be good to go! Ha!


t. said...

Congratulations! I am excited to see all the objects of art you create. Are you still on etsy?


monnie halberg said...

Sounds like you guys got a really great deal too. Surprise, surprise, Mike and Sheila luck out!?
How fun for you!

Alle said...

Oh cool!!! I can't believe you made that stuff. I can't wait to see some finished stuff in person. I promise not to throw it. :)

lanne said...

wow....Sheila....\i haven't looked at your blog in a while...and today I have an hour or so to kill in Doolin - we went on a boat to look at the Cliffs of Moher from the bottom (I will try and blog about it tonight) - and now I am waiting for the bus to come pick us up.

This is great glad to see that you have make this dream become a reality.

Sorry that I missed you on Sunday. John said you had a great visit. Very cool. Will see you in August for sure though.

Much love to the family....x x x