Friday, February 08, 2008

A week makes a difference

We've pretty much settled into a rhythm this week. I ended up putting Claire back in her old preschool three times a week because for some reason, I was a bit distracted with her in the classroom with me every day. Its difficult enough to learn about a class full of kids and their behavioral plans without your own 4 year old begging you to play at every turn. She's happy to be back, it sounds like the class is happy to have her back, and I'm definitely happy to send her again. Everyone wins.

Other than that, not much is happening. Claire did draw a picture of us all in our individual showers, however. She's been learning to draw one new thing every day, and yesterday she chose a shower. So here we all are.

Thats Mike on the left, me in the middle and Claire on the right. And the sun is up there in a window. Its kind of obvious that Claire has put herself in some kind of Kohler Dream Shower/Spa what with all the rainbows and ribbons and balloons. Mike and I, on the other hand, aren't so lucky. I believe Mike's shower is outdoors, since Claire said that the green floor of his stall is actually grass. I at least have a few hearts to dress up the walls, but we definitely were denied the luxury she saved for herself. And she doesn't even like showers. I guess maybe if rainbows came out of the shower head instead of water, it would be a different story.


Carrie said...

Hilarious that she drew 'shower' pics! I don't think I've ever thought of that idea for a pic before. So creative!

I think your preschool/job decision is a wise one, for the reasons you stated. How do you like the job?

Dang. You must super love kids. Just like your mother-in-law. (Ha!)

Aunt Carrie
PS - Sure miss you guys.

t.nana said...

And I wonder where Claire came by her love of Kohler Dream Showers? Hmmm...r

sheila said...

So far the job as been really good. I'll feel much more comfortable with what I'm doing after another week or so, but it really feels good to be back doing something out of the house again. Kids are so great.

We have to get back to Kohler. I think they have added a few new areas since my last trip to the Design Center. I remember taking Claire in a stroller and her wanting to get into every tub they had water in. I'm not sure it will be too much different now, other than I won't be able to strap her in a stroller.