Sunday, February 10, 2008

Claire on the phone.

What? Thats okay. Where were you? You couldn't make it to the phone in time?

Do you want to hear a song? We're going to make it to the church on time... (repeat and repeat and repeat) Isn't that a great song? Its about someone getting to the church in time. No dilly-dallying!

That means waste time.

WHAT! You have a groundhog? Whats a groundhog?

Is it a pretend groundhog or an alive groundhog? MOM! Maddie has an alive groundhog!

How did you get it?...Mom! Someone bought an alive groundhog and gave it to Maddie!

Oh. Actually Mom, its just a pretend groundhog.

I have a purple mermaid crown. It has jewels on it and its not alive. I can bring it to your house to show you, if you want.

When does the Flyman show start. Oh. 4:00.

Okay. Well, goodbye, I'm hanging up now.

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t.nana said...

Claire and Nana on the phone:

Hi Claire.
Hi Claire. This is Nana.
Here is your song of the day (beautiful singing by Nana).
"Here is your song of the day: Zippity Doo Dah."
Thank you for the song, Claire. What did you do today?
Did you play with your friends today, Claire?
Friends. Did you play with your friends today?
"Yes. Good-bye."
I love you, Claire.
"I love you, Nana."